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The industrial Internet of things is arguably the biggest growth center for the next 20 years and will affect almost all systems that produce goods worldwide. Industry leaders are predicting IIoT will add 14.2 trillion dollars to the global economy in 2030 and Predix is poised to be the leading platform. As a Topcoder Predix community member, you will have the opportunity to directly participate in the next industrial revolution being played out over the next 25 years.

Billions of devices across industries will be coming online every year for the foreseeable future. Having a consistent platform such as Predix to provide stability, scale, and consistency will be key to onboarding and operating these devices. Combining this developer friendly platform with Topcoder's over 1 million developers will provide the scale and quality to realize the potential of IIoT.

Dave Messenger

Topcoder VP of Product Architecture &
Global Developer Community Director

Over the next few weeks we’ll be working directly with GE Digital to roll out a series of educational challenges that will help you learn everything you need to know to be able to compete in development challenges for the industrial internet. You’ll need to register to be part our Topcoder Community for Predix and we’ll keep you up to date on all the latest challenges as they are released.


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